18 December 2007

Out of Town on a Eurail

The Far Outliers will be on the road again for the next month, traveling by air, shank's mare, and Eurail pass. Today we fly to Boston to visit our daughter for a week, then fly on to Frankfurt on Christmas Day on our way to Strasbourg to visit my historian brother who's supervising a study-abroad program there. We plan to visit friends in Brittany the weekend of 4 January and make a return trip to Bucharest the weekend of 11 January, with a stop in Miklósvár in Székelyland, Transylvania, on the way there.

My brother speaks pretty good Central African French, and I've been working on reviving and expanding my high school French—il y a quarante ans! (I also passed a graduate reading exam in French.) Mrs. O and I can get around a bit in our high school German, and we will make a pilgrimage to the Black Forest town of Pfalzgrafenweiler from which her paternal ancestors emigrated to Ukraine during the Napoleonic era, only to emigrate to the Dakotas during the third Tsar-Alexandrine era and first or second President-Clevelandic era. I haven't been working on my Ceauşescu-era Romanian, but I'm pretty sure it'll come back enough to get around. We had hoped to branch out in more northerly and southerly directions from Strasbourg, but our long east–west jaunts won't leave us much time.

While we're away, you can get some interesting perspectives about where we'll be by exploring Europe Endless (formerly Rhine River), Notes from a Tunnel, and the always entertaining travels of Dumneazu. If you can't ignore Asia for that long, the latest Asian History Carnival at Frog in a Well should provide you with a lot of good reading.

Auf Wiedersehen, au revoir, şi la revedere.


Languagehat said...

Gute Reise, bon voyage, călătorie plăcută!

Anonymous said...

La mulţi ani!
I hope you enjoyed your trip so far.I'm a long time reader of your blog(one of the most interesting blogs I read,i discoverd many intersting thing - the first being what an outlier is) so if you need any help navigating post-Ceauşescu Bucharest,feel free to contact me.It will be a great pleasure.
Călătorie plăcută în continuare.

akaiskander2 at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for mentioning my blog, Notes From A Tunnel. Hopefully, among my chaotic travels, will continue drawing some parallels between that 'old' world and the new...