06 March 2005

Afghanistan, 24 June 1978 (3 Saratan 1357)

All convicted criminals, even murderers, were released in most parts of country, making big news on radio and TV. According to the minister of education, "The doors of the prisons are being closed and the doors of the schools are being opened." Yet, paradoxically, the political kidnappings continued and people still disappeared. The jails were being emptied to make room for the new political prisoners!

People were getting tired of all such propaganda. As I was crossing Puli-Baghi Umomi Road I noticed that someone had written under the government's famous slogan of "Food, Shelter, and Clothing for All," in large letters that could be read from far away, 'Address: Puli-Charkhi Prison." Whoever did it took a big risk to write such words on a very busy road.
SOURCE: An Afghan Woman's Odyssey, by Farooka Gauhari (U. Nebraska Press, 1996),
p. 107

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