01 April 2004

East Timor issue of Portuguese Studies Review

Portuguese Studies Review, vol. 11, no. 1 is entirely devoted to East Timor, past and present. It sounds as if it could be interesting. The table of contents follows.
David Webster, University of British Columbia
"Non-State Diplomacy: East Timor, 1975-1999." Pp. 1-28

Estêvão Cabral, Lancaster University, UK
"Portugal and East Timor: From a Politics of Ambivalence to a Late Awakening." Pp. 29-47

Jeffery Klaehn, Wilfrid Laurier University
"Canadian Complicity in the East Timor Near-Genocide: A Case Study in the Sociology of Human Rights." Pp. 49-65.

Peter Eglin, Wilfrid Laurier University
"East Timor, The Globe and Mail and Propaganda: The 1990s--Saving Indonesia from East Timor with 'Maoist Shields' and 'Tragic Destiny'." Pp. 67-84.

Robert Everton and James Winter, University of Windsor
"Media Coverage of an Imminent Bloodbath in East Timor: What Was Known, and When?" Pp. 85-101.

David Wurfel, Professor Emeritus, University of Windsor
"Constitution for a New State: Political Context and Possible Problems in East Timor." Pp. 103-121.

Lyn Carson and Brian Martin, University of Sydney and University of Wollongong
"Social Institutions in East Timor: Following in the Undemocratic Footsteps of the West." Pp. 123-136.

Michael Leach, Deakin University
" 'Privileged Ties': Young People Debating Language, Heritage and National Identity in East Timor." Pp. 137-150.

Helder da Costa, Asia 2000 Foundation of New Zealand
"Future Economic Direction of Timor-Leste." Pp. 151-167.

Tim Anderson, University of Sydney
"Self-determination after Independence: East Timor and the World Bank." Pp. 169-185.

Geoffrey Gunn, Nagasaki University
"Rebuilding Agriculture in Post Conflict Timor-Leste: A Critique of the World Bank Role." Pp. 187-205.

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