06 February 2004

Five Nigerians Charged in $242 Million '419' Fraud

Abiola of Foreign Dispatches reports that five more Nigerians have been charged in '419' scams of truly obscene proportions.
ABUJA, Nigeria (AP) -- Nigerian prosecutors leveled 86 counts of fraud and conspiracy against five people Thursday for allegedly swindling a Brazilian bank of $242 million, in the biggest crackdown yet on the West African nation's advance-fee fraud or "419" scams.

The five are accused of luring an employee of Sao Paulo's Banco Noroeste into siphoning off the funds from his employer, persuading him he could land a share in a lucrative Nigerian construction contract if he just paid enough handling fees up front.
Me, I'm still waiting for a Magadan gold heiress to deposit her savings into my bank account. Who needs Madame Abacha?

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