05 October 2009

Tok Pisin with Isuzu Lu: Holide long NYC

Isuzu Lu: Holide long NYC
Lu: Mi raun wantaim sampela ol wantok ... Mipela lusim pinis Papua New Guinea na kamap holide long America ... Man, mi lukim olgeta samting hia na mi airaun nogut tru ... Lukim ka hia ... Oiyo, em i no liklik ... Tasol bensin em i save usim, em i no likliki tu ... Long dispela samting yu no ken winim Isuzu!!

Lou: I'm traveling with some friends ... We have left Papua New Guinea and arrived on holiday in America ... Man, I see all the things here and I'm overwhelmed ... Look at this car ... Wow, it's not little ... but the gasoline it uses, that's no little bit either ... For that you can't beat Isuzu!!

Photographer: Mi snepim ol netif ia / I'm snapping (photos of) the natives

Man pointing up: Olaman! Ol haus i pinis we? / Oh man! Where do the buildings end? (= How high do they go?)

Man with cigarette: Hey misis, Yu gat masis? / Hey lady, you got a match?

Lady: My God. He's smoking the New York Times ...
This is a scan from a faded old photocopy of a cartoon ad by Bob Browne for New Guinea Motors in the Papua New Guinea Post-Courier, 1976. According to the Foreword in Isuzu Lu Book 5, Browne's Isuzu Lu ads paved the way for locally created cartoon strips in PNG newspapers. The Phantom was among the most popular strips in 1976.

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