25 November 2005

Kotooshu Gets Some of His Own Back

FUKUOKA (Kyodo) Bulgarian sekiwake Kotooshu exacted swift revenge over rampant grand champion Asashoryu on Friday by handing the Mongolian his first defeat on the 13th day of the Kyushu Grand Sumo Tournament in Fukuoka.

Kotooshu (10-3) erased the painful memory of his playoff defeat to the bruiser from Ulan Bator at the autumn meet in September as he stood firm at the charge and overpowered the yokozuna (12-1) at the edge to all but guarantee promotion to ozeki.

The win also gave fresh hope to ozeki Chiyotaikai (11-2) who sits one win off the pace after winning an all-ozeki battle against Kaio.

Given their history and Asashoryu's recent dominance, especially in Fukuoka, Kotooshu was obviously pleased with his efforts.

"I lost twice to him (Asashoryu) last time so badly wanted to win this one," said Kotooshu.

The key to the win, Kotooshu added, was an aggressive and unrelenting style. "I was able to go on attack and wrestle the way I wanted to so I'm delighted. I think I've been able to relax a bit since I got a winning record," added the 22-year-old pin-up.

Kotooshu also denied Asashoryu the chance to set a new record of 83 wins in a year, surpassing the 82 that equaled the previous record set by former yokozuna Kitanoumi in 1978.

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