24 June 2005

The Effect and Scent of Durian

The Cambodia Weblog Santepheap reports on the sights and smells of the local durian capital.
On the subject of smells, Kampot is home to the finest durian plantations in the whole of Cambodia and is therefore the perfect place to sample the fruit of Durio zibenthinus.

Durian does tend to polarize opinion. The white and creamy goo that surrounds the tree seeds inside this rugger ball sized plant is much beloved of locals who consider the flavor to be indescribably good and who appreciate the fruit’s acclaimed aphrodisiac qualities; 'As the durians fall down, the sarongs fly up,' the local saying goes.

The author Anthony Burgess had a wholly different take on durian however, 'It’s like eating a magnificent raspberry blancmange in a foul public toilet,' he is reputed to have said.

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